Last Words

“Last words matter. They are precious. Of all the things Jesus might have said, he chooses love and relationship as the cornerstone of his legacy.  He chooses us in love and chooses to send us out into the world as his emissaries to love. Not a feeling or inclination, but a deeply held belief that his love, God’s love, is worth sharing with the world.”

It is All About Love

“Such love can never originate with us.  It is not our own, weak, limited love that we share with God’s beloved.  No, we are called to open ourselves to God’s love so that God can love others through us.  When we love one another, we re-present God to the world. By allowing the love that God has showered on us to overflow onto our sisters and brothers, we make divine love real and visible in the ordinary lives of ordinary people.”

Canticle of Comfort and Challenge

“Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd, I know my own and my own know me.”  This kind of knowledge is not intellectual information, but rather relational.   This kind of ownership is not about mere possession, it is about a relationship.   It is about being so connected  to something that its becomes part of us.   It is about being so attached  to something that we defend it as if we were defending our own selves.”  

Hope for Old Bones

“The long trenches of life remind us that the breath of God will blow where it will, and our task is to be faithful even in the waiting, give thanks when we feel it on our faces, and follow its leading when it blows its way toward the cross.  Our confidence is not in our own breath, but in the breath of God that has done, continues to do a radical thing – restoring life where there is death.”

Peace that Passes Understanding

“If that first Easter began with the lamentable sadness of death’s reality in our world, then that same day ended with the lamentable sadness of shame.  The disciples were ashamed of what they had done; they were ashamed of what their cowardice revealed about who they were as children of God. So they locked the door, telling themselves they were keeping the searching Jews out when really they were maybe keeping themselves locked in.  But then Jesus does what he always does for everyone locked up in shame – he comes in anyway. He enters the room, he enters the heart, he breaks into the shame.”

April Fools

“Calvary was not the fulfillment of the divine plan.  It was not the final installment on a cosmic debt. It was not necessary to satisfy a bloodthirsty deity.  The cross was the cost for proclaiming grace. The more insistent Jesus was on proclaiming a God of grace, the more certain his death became.  Jesus’ death was a human act, not a divine sign. The church and the empire couldn’t control grace, so Jesus had to die.”

Faith isn't a Parade

“Two thousand years ago, an unarmed man came into Jerusalem bouncing on the back of a donkey, not riding a strong, impressive war horse like any Roman general would ride, but riding a servant animal.  It was an odd, ironic parade that first Palm Sunday. It was a jolt to popular expectations for power and lordship, for salvation and liberation. The itinerant street preacher on the back of a donkey came to town to upset the proverbial apple cart.  Palm Sunday may be one of the most political Sunday’s of the year, that Sunday when Jesus makes clear – as he came into the capital city on the back of a shaggy donkey – that his way is a challenge to the world’s ways.”