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Who we are


As a family of God's people and believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will seek to be a haven of safety for those who might need one, a light of hope for all who seek healing and a ministry of compassion for those who feel left out. We will be vocal as we actively seek peace and social justice and brave as we lovingly speak the truth in a world that might not wish to hear us. We will endeavor to live into our hopes of what is just and not be governed by fear of persecution or the unknown.

With open minds, open hearts, open doors and open arms, we will move forward as a diverse community, embracing everyone's unique faith journey and empowering not only ourselves but those outside our congregation as well. We will proudly welcome all without question. We will celebrate the diversity of God's gifts among us. We will serve the greater good with intentional passion as we seek to deepen our understanding of the life we are called to live. We will recognize our reformed tradition as an ever-dynamic phenomenon.